Glass Rooms

“Bring the outside inside”

NK Construction Ltd Glassroom Photo

In an age where space is precious and maximising your living area is key to creating a stylish home, the birth of the GlassRoom could not have come sooner. This cutting-edge version of a traditional extension come conservatory is taking the home improvement market by storm – creating wonderful light, energy efficient spaces and breathing new life into properties old and new. Imagine an extension, flooded with light and constructed entirely of glass. From the most ambitious architecturally driven project to the simplicity of a glass roof, we offer a unique, practical design service at extremely competitive rates. You really can have the space of your dreams within budget whilst creating an environment that meets all the demands of a modern home. The GlassRooms system has been designed by award winning architects, structural glass engineers and leading independent test engineers. Constructed from toughened glass units which are strong enough to walk on, GlassRooms are highly durable and easy to maintain. By utilizing the latest specifications of low e-thermal coating and argon filled panels, your GlassRoom is guaranteed to exceed the rigorous new heat efficiency regulations and remains comfortably warm even in the most extreme conditions. The technology used means that you can keep the internal temperature ‘just-right’ at all times – no more ‘too hot’ in the summer and ‘too cold’ in the winter. Above all else the units are 100% eco friendly helping reduce both your energy bills and carbon emissions.

At a time when value for money, maximising space and creating the best environment possible GlassRooms was formed with this in mind.  NK Construction has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and being the island agent for Glassrooms in the Isle of Man, we are here to design, supply and install bespoke glass solutions.

Our dedicated team, partners, affiliates and suppliers welcome the opportunity to work with you and share our extensive knowledge to ensure a successful project from conception to completion.

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All photos shown are GlassRoom projects and are shown as examples of works that we can undertake, they have not been installed on island by NK Construction Ltd.


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